Hey there!

My name is Theo Steiner and I’m a Software Engineer working for LINE Corporation in beautiful Tokyo, Japan.
When it comes to coding, I’m a big proponent of TDD: tummy-driven-development. Write code 💻, eat sushi 🍣, sleep 🌒, repeat 🤖.

Theo Steiner smiling at the camera

My native language is German. However, I also speak Japanese and English fluently and have basic knowledge of Spanish and French. 🥖 This one is baguette, and 🥐 this one is crowasson or something.

I hold a Master’s degree from 上智大学 (Sophia University in Tokyo) 👨‍🎓, where I had the awesome opportunity to develop a web platform for conducting spatial literary analysis using Geographic Information Systems.
For my Bachelor’s I majored in Japanese Studies 🗾, while also enrolling in classes on database tech, natural language processing and other computer science related shenanigans.
I am lucky to have a very exciting dayjob, where I get to develop b2b2c solutions for one of the world’s leading messaging platforms. Massive scale comes with all sorts of interesting challenges 📱.

Since sitting in front of a computer all week is not bad enough for my posture already 😭, I make a habit of also programming for fun on the weekends.

Most of my time I waste on fine-tuning my neovim config or hanging out in the svelte discord, but every once in a while I do something productive:
I am proud to have made (tiny, tiny) coding contributions to fantastic Open Source projects such as Node.js or Svelte.js. ♥️
Especially the community aspect of Open Source Software is dear to my heart, and I am beyond honored to be among the inaugural Svelte Ambassadors for my commitment to this community.
I sometimes organize meetups and events to foster and grow the still small, but impactful Svelte.js community in Japan 🇯🇵. If you’d like to join us some day, make sure to follow me on social media.